You Couldn't Make It Up (2)



"Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Undersecretary Carlo Giovanardi said the government will study if it's feasible to conduct drug tests on stock-exchange traders, with the help of the Milan Bourse and the country's market regulator. Giovanardi, who is in charge of family policy and drug prevention, said that the abuse of drugs including cocaine might explain part of recent stock volatility."

The volatility wouldn't then be caused by dysfunctional governments, (Belgium doesn't even have one), who have overseen their now creaking,  over leveraged banks engage in government sponsored lending at all levels, (in Dexia's case the lending was mostly to local government), which is now resulting in the transfer of power and influence by stealth from across Europe to Germany. When the citizens of Europe wake up to this unpleasant reality they mostly, Mr Giovanardi, won't be happy and it won't have anything to do with traders........... stock markets are simply reflecting the economic consequences of meddling, stupid Eurocrats.