For one or other of not very good excuses I'm way behind with Crumble posts but will endeavor to sprint to catch up.

I missed most of the Dr Who anniversary thing last week which is just as well because it saves me complaining that, "it isn't what it was you know..." Just as well really, the cardboard and plywood sets never really left me convinced that they could withstand a concerted attack from inter galactic alien forces. Yet, years of conditioning from behind the sofa have left Crumble Towers with one of the most refined Zombie and Dalek Defence Plans in Hampshire.  With 50 years under my belt and the combined input from eleven Doctor's they'll have to be up early in the morning to catch me out you know.

Notwithstanding Dr Who, 1963 gave us among other things, Mrs Flashbang and what is very probably the best year for pop music ever. Have there been three more cool girls than these and..... is this the greatest pop song ever?

The Ronettes

The Ronettes toured with and supported the Beatles in fact which was kind of ironic because the Beatles killed the Doo Wop thing and these kinds of girl groups stone dead. I think we all can be pretty certain that most of the manufactured Simon Cowell rubbish around today won't still be around in fifty years time and my only regret is I won't be around to say "I told you so."