Let's Hope They're Not Using Real Guns...

The National Security Strategy document, with the catchy title, "A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty," has just been published.

The document highlights the growing threat from hostile cyber attacks and cyber crime. I do understand and appreciate it would be jolly inconvenient to be standing at the Sainsbury's checkout and suffer a catastrophic "blue screen of death," on the till, a power cut or a surprise bank transfer that catapulted me into the Sunday Times Rich List, but call me old fashioned, the shooty, hurty attacks scare me just a bit more.

Monty over at Think Defence has his own take on things however;

“Cyber attack! What does this mean? Challenger 2 will be replaced by the universal deployment Norton Anti-Virus 9 and random password generators? Will civil servants no longer leave their laptops in pubs? I doubt it. God help us!”