Iceland; Big Boys Bonfires

November 5th is almost upon us and we can all look forward to the usual collective celebratory bonfires and ducking to avoid low flying dodgy Chinese fireworks. Over in Iceland though, they do man sized bonfires... and there might be another one on the way.

The good people at the Icelandic Met Office give us the news that melt water flooding, (or jokulhaup) from the Grimsvotn glacial lake could indicate that the Grimsvotn volcano is warming up. The flooding is twice what normally might be expected. Now, we don't want to spread unnecessary alarm but this has happened before.

In 2004 Grimsvotn, which is Iceland's most active volcano, erupted after one of these larger than normal floods. Aircraft were diverted locally to avoid the ash, but not on the scale we saw earlier this year in Europe, although some did reach as far as Finalnd.

Local observers appear to be taking it in their stride but then you'd expect them to given they live on what is basically a simmering unstable volcanic island stuck in the North Atlantic. You can read local news here using Google Translate but I wouldn't rush..... what does "take up water from a spoon in harps," mean anyway?  Who do you suppose did the programming for the translate thing, Eric Cantona?

Didn't have any travel plans anyway.......