It's Gonna Get A Wee Bit Hill Billy.....


In, "Coldest Winter For 1000 Years," I quoted a weather guru called Vadim Zavodchenkov who is suggesting that Europe may be facing a long and distinctly chilly winter.

Now I don't want to drive everyone to despair but no sooner does one of these weather  Johnnies pop up with doom laden forecasts but another one steps up to do the same. A lady called Evelyn Browning Gariss of the Browning Newsletter is telling her subscribers that life is going to get very difficult in North America over the next few months. Given their weather usually becomes our weather within a week or two, "I'm listening Evelyn."

The Gartman letter quotes her as saying that the La Nina in the Pacific Ocean has taken the ocean temperatures there down quite sharply. 

Apparently, "Temperatures between 0.5°C – 1.0°C (0.9° - 1.8°F) below normal are considered a “weak” La Nina. When the chill is more than 1.0°C (1.8°F) below normal, the event is “moderate.” Now temperatures range from 1.4°C (2.5°F) below normal in the central Pacific around Fiji to 2.0°C (3.6°F) off the coast of Peru."

She notes further that although the temperatures in the central Pacific are holding steady at the current rather archly low levels, they are continuing to fall in the eastern Pacific off the coast of S. America. She also notes that it is not just cool water temperatures that she finds worrisome. There are other global weather effects in place that serve to make the current La Nina material and worrisome. She summarises her findings with the following rather ominous statement:

If all of these are combined, then the current La Nina is the strongest in over 70 years. It is almost as intense as the La Nina in the winters of 1955-1956. It is currently almost two standard deviations below normal and most models expect the phenomenon to intensify over the next three months.

 At least Evelyn isn't quite the pessimistic figure of doom that young Vadim is............... nonetheless, as soon as Mrs Flashbang gets wind of this you can expect panic buying to be in full swing in the candles and loo rolls aisle of Sainsbury's in Liphook. I think I may put an order into Majestic for an industrial quantity of wine............. just in case.