Christmas Shopping For The Old Man


So Missus, been organised this year and got the Christmas cards out by the start of the month, sorted out the kids toys before they break up from school and bought lots of knick knack little prezzies and smelly candles from the local Christmas fairs......... good, what are you getting the old man then?

Let me tell you, for the bloke who hauls himself up to town on the 06:15 every morning to endure what these days amounts to indentured slavery whilst attempting to maintain the confidence of those around him that he actually knows what he's doing, whereas in reality he alone knows that he's only a couple of mistaken keystrokes away from page 3 of the Telegraph, (you know the thing, "executive mistakenly sends private email criticising board to 15,000 people"), well, you know he deserves something special.

Now obviously, you, like every other wife, will drag yourself as far as the local Homebase to buy yet another screwdriver with a plug on it, that in reality you know he'll never use and, if he does, it'll most probably result in a visit to accident & emergancy. Socks, scarves and ties don't really make the grade; they only remind him that he's getting old. So, whats this years plan?

Well, Madam, I'm here to help. Consider this your personnal shopping concierge service and here are my top ten gifts for men that you love for this Christmas......






















and from the wife for whom nothing is too big for the old man......... Big Boys Toys..


 or, the how about a proper Airfix kit for him? You know you love him....