Tick, tock

The total number of dead in Afghanistan with three more soldiers killed in action this week now stands at 256. The press have highlighted that the number now surpasses the 255 killed in action in the Falklands Campaign. Not quite.

An estimated number of suicides by ex Falkland veterans stands around 264, more than were killed in action. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, (PTSD), can take years to manifest itself and most veterans who suffer tend not to seek help until 10-12 years after their service.

Given the hundreds of thousands of men who have rotated through both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past seven years we have a bulge in the pipeline which will take time to manifest itself. It's coming though. Combat Stress, the sevice charity, campaign for greater awareness and education. We should all be aware, the suffering doesn't stop when the guns go quiet.