We Can All Be Tom Cruise....... soonish,


Remember the 2002 film, "Minority Report," in which fellow Hunk Tom Cruise manipulated virtual screens and images with his hands? Well, knowing how unrelenting we are at Hunk Towers in bringing you the very latest technological developments you won't be surprised to hear that the clever boffin who advised on the technology for the movie is very close to bringing it into production.

If like me, you are somewhat baffled and bemused by the pace of technological change that we have seen in our lifetimes then standby........ the pace is going to accelerate more in the next five than we've seen since those halcyon days of "Mother, the valves gone in the television again; shall put the Radiogram on?"

There seems to be a bit of a mood swing amongst the techno pointy heads, perhaps exaggerated by the iPad launch, that the days of the "traditional," keyboard and mouse are numbered.

Anyway, enjoy a first glance from the clever bods at Oblong.....

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.