iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad; I bloody wonder........

         ...but who is it for, the short sighted?

 So quite a lot of fuss about the Big Guy in the States and his speech last week. Why the world is going bonkers over a tablet though is beyond me. Steve Jobs is a very smart guy, well very smart and blow away rich, but he's definately not Moses although given the way Apple followers and the press act he might as well be. (Well OK, it was his return to the company that lifted them from their sub $10 level in '04). Anyway, so what? He's invented a big iphone but with a new name.  I've got an iPhone and I can confirm that neither it, nor it's new big brother the iPad are a cure for cancer or a teletransporter or anything revolutionary. He's probably admitted to himself that the batteries in iphones are so crap he has to scale up to make the concept usable for more than 30 minutes before recharging. In fact, he's rather cleverly s tarted a new trend of reverse innovation.......make 'em big again!

Obviously, the iPad will evolve just as all previous Apple products have and in a couple of versions time it might have a value proposition with a camera, phone and so on. One chap who is bitterly disappointed so far..... well, look on;