Council Insanity

If you thought that life in this country was becoming more like that of an extra in, "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest," then you're probably not wide of the mark. You certainly will think so after you've read this.

 Six local councils have apparently issued parking tickets against themselves and then refused to pay. Taking us into the surreal world of fairies and hobgoblins some cases went through a staggering 14 stages before reaching a Parking Appeals tribunal. 

"One farce saw Islington Council in North London issue a ticket, then take itself to an appeal hearing - where it asked for costs against itself. The costs process involves another four steps."

"Stunned adjudicator Gerald Styles said he could not make an order for costs because the council could not "act wholly unreasonably or vexatiously against itself".

"Some fined themselves on multiple occasions. Each case is thought to have cost hundreds of pounds and countless man hours to pursue."

You could not ever, honest to God, not even with the help of Spike Milligan, Monty Python and the inmates of Broadmoor, make this madness up.

I think I need to lie down.