Evening All!

Well, we obviously won't see his like again and to confirm our worst fears in the category of, "the worlds gone bloody mad," we learn that the fine officers of the Greater Manchester Constabulary have improved their arrest record by lifting 11 year old Dylan Keetley.

Dylan clearly isn't a little angel..... Mummy's little soldier was horsing around in the playground and Dylan pushed a friend who fell awkwardly and broke his arm. The school seems to have been fine about it, treating the incident as an accident but obviously Plod wasn't going to give up the opportunity to arrest and attempt to finger print and DNA test an eleven year old. He was released on police bail last night.

If I was a rate paying citizen of Manchester I'd want to be reading stories about the police chasing murderers, thieves and drug dealers down; goodness knows they have enough of them up there.

Meanwhile, in West Yorkshire their enthusiasm to get the job done knows no bounds. The murder squad are looking for unpaid volunteers to do the dull, pedestrian jobs. Who knows, this might even turn out to be a good idea but I can't help but be left wondering, where in the hell does all the money go?

I'm afraid that I'm slowly joining that body of opinion which is slowly fermenting in the country that the police are becoming less accountable to the people who pay the bill. It's time we brought some sanity back to law and order with elected chief constables across the police force.