Bloody Hell

I should be sitting here on Friday morning anticipating a bright weekend and looking forward to the newspapers on Sunday celebrating a weekend of hard, close run and exciting Six Nations rugby.

Unfortunately, and I don't particularly want to rain on your parade, we learn from Guido that BBC political teams have been told not to leave town this weekend. The implication being that there might be an election announcement pending. Bugger it.

One thing is for sure and for certain, the BBC's political teams are unlikely to be on standby to report on what is rumoured to be another deluge of salacious scandal from our footballing friends. The problem with the Attack Dogs of the News of the World and the rest of the trash is they don't know when to switch off. I'd happily shoot the lot of them. John Terry would probably like to shoot the lot of them too or if he doesn't he will by about 8am on Sunday if any of the rumoured stories are true. I was half joking about teenage girls the other day. The premature retirement from international football by Wayne Bridge yesterday may look a wee bit hasty by Monday morning.

Someone else who I'd never heard of until this week is going to be wasting newsprint on Sunday. Much to the delight of delusional teenage boys up and down the country, Cheryl Cole who is also married to a footballer with over active glands, is getting divorced. She's so upset about it all she's apparently signed up to share the grief with the nation on that talentless twerp Jonathon Ross's show. To prove just how distressing the whole thing is she's been seeking solace with her new special friend in LA as opposed to her old special friend in LA. Keeping up...? No, I couldn't give a toss about any of them either.

Lets ignore the bloody lot of them and look forward to a good weekend of rugby.