Hero and Zero


There are some people in life who just give and enrich the lives of others around them. Men like WO1 Mac McGearey. There are others, who take and bring nothing but heartache and worry to other peoples lives.

WO1 Mac McGearey is serving with 1 RTR. His daughter, Ciara, desperately needs specialist care, but the family has been shafted by Edinburgh Council who are taking them to court.

When Ciara was 3 days old, she contracted meningitis, leaving her blind, unable to speak and suffering from a number of other disabilities. Since she was 6 months old, she's been receiving specialist treatment from the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh.

However, Mac was posted to England and she obviously had to move schools. Ciara went to a non-specialist school and didn't receive the level of care she needed, so when an opportunity came up for an Edinburgh posting, Mac took it and moved his family back. However, the council refused to fund her place at the Royal Blind School and instead offered a place at another non-specialist school.

An independent tribunal concluded unanimously that the Royal Blind School was Ciara's best option, and that had Mac not been in the Army, she would still be attending. They then ordered that Edinburgh Council make funding available immediately.

Rather than comply, Edinburgh council elected to take the case to court at a cost of up to £160,000 in legal fees (Ciara's education at the RBS would be approx. £38k per year).

I'm absolutely seething with outrage. This man has done everything asked of him by his country for all his adult life and through no fault of his own, has been moved from one end of the country to the other with the net result that his disabled daughter is not getting the help she needs. What was he supposed to do FFS, say no to the Army? He's already passed on a commission to be close to his daughter.

Moreover, the fact that these bovine imbeciles in Edinburgh are prepared to spend scores of thousands of pound in court defending their cretinous decision is beyond belief.

The Scotsman newspaper said, ""the administration voted in favour of continuing the appeal and it won on the casting vote of Lord Provost George Grubb." This idiot is supposed to be the City Council's "Veterans Champion" he is also supposed to be a former Army Chaplain. Shame!

Email Grubb if you like, here's his address. I'm certainly going to. george.grubb@edinburgh.gov.uk

Oh but there's more. If you thought the knife had been plunged firmly into Mac's back I'd guess you would be right; but this is the twist.

Mac's walking 500 miles to raise the money needed to keep Ciara in school until the court case.

The appeal is being run by the Scottish Poppy Appeal, and there's more info - pics and the story in Mac's own words which you can find here.

I'm just left wondering, what the hell happened to our country?