The Real Threat to Democracy!

 You might be forgiven for thinking that the Afghan Taliban or perhaps voter apathy or even the EU pose the most potent threat to out democracy. In part, two of those almost certainly do and the Taliban and AQ threaten our safety and perhaps our democracy but only if anti terror laws are misused.

No, the real threat to our democracy comes from just up the road. The newly published 240 page Legg Report almost guarantees more upset and anger against those who apparently stand in our name.

An interesting aside incidentally, from the FT, is that repayments come to £1.3m. But this has been reduced by £185,000 by the Sir Paul Kennedy review…..making £1.12m. But the cost of hiring Legg and his crew comes to £1.16m. Well done the taxpayer; it's only cost us £40k.

Ever wondered who they entertain at Westminster. Well, the list for the last five years has also been published today. Whilst there are some worthy causes it does give a pretty damming immpression of the number of special interest groups and lobbyists at work. You can read it here.

We'll all have our special little moments reading through all this sickening corruption. My own pet favourite is Iris Robinson charging £1600 for a bloody bed. You honestly couldn't make it up. Obviously she wasn't going to make do with a £200 divan from MFI with her enthusiastic penchant for young men.

Enough though, for the threat lies deeper back in the long grass.

Phil Hope, MP - from his website:
Aged 53 (19/4/1955) and married to Allison Hope (53), Director for Employer Responsiveness at Tresham Institute, Corby, Two children, Nicholas who is a political researcher and Anna who is a political organiser.

So here we have an MP with his snout well and truly in the trough - to the extent that he has to repay over £42.5k.

What worries me more is the rest of the story. Partner: some weido ology job in Employer Responsiveness (what the in the flying buggery fvck is that supposed to be?). Child 1 is a "political researcher," and child 2 a "political organiser."

Professional politicians! Kids born into the system, university to do some useless degree and straight into some political support job until the behind of their ears are sufficiently dry to present themselves at some constituency as a prospective parliamentary candidate. Never done a proper job - but ready to tell the rest of us how we should live in the real world because they learnt the 'way' under some lefty-leaning ology professor.

I've got an idea, just bugger off the lot of you and get a real job. Politicians shouldn't be allowed to stand under the age of 30 and be disallowed if they have never worked for a profit generating business. These septic maggots are so removed from the rest of us that we're becoming more like East Germany every day.

If all this wasn't enough the slippery sods are planning to appeal................. I'd chuck the lot of them out on their arse and keep the pension and the first bloke I'd give the money to is the WO1 below. Thank God we still have men like him.