Football's Wonky Moral GPS


I don't much follow soccer but even a deaf and dumb hermit would now be aware that the England captain John Terry has been stripped of his armband. Such has been the fuss generated by television, press and radio it has been difficult to avoid. Given the dark void that football's principle and morality long since fell into it's also difficult to care. From where I sit, I view events with puzzled bemusement that the press, the clubs, the fans and most certainly the players believe that it's just fine to play away from home, just fine to take advantage of star struck teenage girls, just fine to indulge every whim and fancy that passes them but a fling with an ex girlfriend of a team mate is a big no no. Moreover, it's beyond parody that they now look to an Italian for guidance on right and wrong. 

So what happens? The captaincy goes to a player who was banned for 8 months and fined £50,000 for failing to take a drugs test and the vice captain is a man who was arrested and charged for having a set to in a night club. That's cleaning things up then.

Frankly, I couldn't care less about the lot of them. I'd tarmac all the clubs over and turn them into car parks. Then again, looking at how badly run and over leveraged many of the clubs are I suspect that will happen anyway. More bloody Tesco's then.