Nanny Sainsbury


 Next time you pay a visit to Sainsbury's in Liphook, and who knows perhaps any Sainsbury, you may need one of these.


Why? Well, I asked myself the very same question when a friend and neighbour told me she had been asked for identification at the check out. Unknown to her, she had committed the heinous crime of attempting to include a few cans of beer with her groceries and going through the checkout accompanied by her 15 year old son.

"You might be buying it for him."

She wasn't but I've got a news flash for Sainsbury's; get lost.  If we want to buy a beer for our kids then we will..... it's not against the law and we're more than capable of defining what is, and what is not good for our children. Who in the flying buggery fvck do these shelf stackers think they are? If Sainsbury cared about the well being and the health of the adolescent youth of the Nation they would clear the shelves of all the glutinous, sugar and salt drenched rubbish they insist selling and I certainly don't need a spotty care in the community half wit to lecture me at the check out. 

Sainsbury need to get a grip and thank their lucky stars that middle aged shoppers in Liphook don't decamp en mass to Tesco or Waitrose. Choice is a wonderful thing.