UDI for Haslemere!


Enquiring minds will have identified that it's getting colder. With the possibility of a dusting of snow from Wednesday onwards we can only stare with open eyed wonderment into the far distance and speculate if our local councils will be joining the Wide Awake Club and dealing with any problems with a greater, or in fact any, sense of urgency than we saw two weeks ago.

Many councils were unprepared but the three that service the Haslemere and Liphook area showed all the spark, initiative and application of a dried out cow pat. Five days to clear the roads won't do. Is it because we are located at the end of the counties, is it because they are incompetent or just that they don't care?

I care. So do most of my fellow rate-payers. For three grand a year we should expect clear roads and bins emptied more than once in five weeks, snow or no snow. Last time I looked we're in Surrey, West Sussex or Hampshire; not the arse end of Nova Scotia.

The more we pay the less, year by year, we get. Yet councils are quick off the mark to justify themselves by intruding and interfering in our lives where they are least welcome. Of course they're no where to be seen when they are needed.

Mostly, they need to wake up and get their priorities straightened out. They can prepare for "event risk," like weather, get the bloody bins emptied and make sure the emergency services can get to us when a bad thing happens.

The clear alternative is to tell them to bugger off and declare UDI for Haslemere and surrounding villages and do it ourselves. They need us and we absolutely don't need them.

Tip for local councils; buy one of these and start looking out of the bloody window, the white fluffy stuff that comes from the sky....... that's snow.