Plaid Who?

The leaders of Plaid Cymru and the SNP, Ieuan Wyn Jones and Alex Salmond, are apparently angry that their parties will not be represented in three debates to be televised on BBC, ITV and Sky. 

They've written a joint letter to BBC director general Mark Thompson arguing the BBC's plans deny "fair competition of ideas" and "could endanger the conduct of a free election".

I'm thinking of writing in with a letter of complaint too; given there won't be anyone on the platform representing my views, or for that matter anyone else who just wants to get on with their lives, without interference and who travel in hope and a modest expectation of safe streets, a fair tax deal, hospitals that are less dangerous on the inside than the outside, reasonably funded armed forces and the bloody bins emptied on time.

Quite frankly, these little tin pot plastic politicians can get as angry as they like. In fact they can keep going until they spontaneously combust and if they want independence they're welcome to it. Here's a news flash.......... the rest of us stop caring about what they think a very long time ago.