Hello Boys!

In one of my more uplifting moments in a London traffic jam, I was crawling down the Earls Court Road back in the early 1990's and looked up to see what is probably the most inspiring advertising poster ever made. It certainly brought a smile to my face.....

Now some po faced dullard MP has decided that a little bit of fun should be banned. Apparently erotic ladies lingerie advertisements should be banned according to Nadine Dorries. Oh look! There I was expecting to find her to be some grey, stony faced Soviet inclined Labour party apparatik. Instead, I find she's a bloody conservative. 

I remain bewildered at the extent to which these interferring busy bodies think they have a God given right to interfere in our lives. There are slightly more pressing matters which she could, and should, be concerning herself with other than what adverts are on the side of buses. In fact she ought to avoid buses at all costs, she might be mistaken for the back of one.