Leader's Wives


Election fever is gripping the same collection of seven people in the media, Westminster and the dried lentil supper circuit of North London that have acted as cheerleaders for the descent into political mediocrity that we have witnessed over the past twenty years. Ever more dislocated from the rest of the population, they've now decided that having bored the rest of us into terminal apathy we now need a wake up call and the best way to achieve it is with some sort of chavtastic manufactured interest in party leaders wives.

Now that the penny has dropped that none of them are saying anything of any relevance or interest to the voting public should come as no surprise and you might think that they would regroup and focus their attention on their policies. Obviously, you would be wrong. They've decided that the hair do's and pictures of every day domesticity of leaders wives are whats required to grab your attention. What a shower of losers. The sad thing is that the press are following the carefully laid trail like little lap dogs which quite frankly is pathetic.

Now that they've set the agenda though, I'll play their little game and join in. Is there any truth to the informed rumour that Gordo and Sarah sleep in separate bedrooms at No 10........ what sort of happy marriage is that?