Election Timetable...... yawn


It's Friday and most readers probably have a lighter spring in their step as we hurtle into the weekend with thoughts of chilling at home in the loving bosom of our families and redemption for England rugby against France tomorrow always a possibility.     

Well, much as I hate to rain on your parade this weekend brings us a step closer to the Election. It's conclusion may bring some relief as the electorate exact some measure of revenge on the corrupt and the incompetent but getting there is going to be a tortuous path. If you're minded to avoid as much of the circus as possible; this is the probable timetable:

Wednesday March 24th

The Chancellor will present the budget.

Tuesday April 6th

The Prime Minister will seek an audience with Her Majesty The Queen to ask for the dissolution of Parliament on Monday 12th April. The Prime Minister will announce the election date as Thursday May 6th

Thursday April 8th:

Parliament will be adjourned although not formally dissolved until the following Monday

Monday April 12th:

Parliament is officially dissolved. Writs issued for the 650 constituencies throughout the UK.

Thursday April 15th

The first televised leaders debate; will last for 90 mins and be screened by ITV.

Tuesday April 20th

Registration deadline for candidates and appoinment of agents. Last chance to register to vote and to apply for a postal vote.

Thursday April 22nd

The second televised leader's debate will be screened by SKY with a theme of foreign affairs.

Tuesday April 22nd

Last day to apply for a proxy vote.

Thursday April 29

The third and final televised leader’s debate will be screened by the BBC with a theme of the economy

Thursday May 6th

Polling Day

Stock up on DVD's, good claret and prepare to repel boarders.......