Thinking Mans Crumpet & England v France

It's a sad and weary reflection on the merry band of readers of my little blog that hits go through the roof when I put up a "Friday Fun," post. "More birds jumping out of planes," is what I most commonly hear. 

I'm not one to pander to the lowest common denomiator but our aims in life occasionally coincide. In my unerring pusuit of knowledge and enlightenment in the search for perfect TMC, (Thinking Man's Crumpet), I occasionally come accross a fine women who deserves a wider audience.

Here's my first contender, Imogen Poots


Why TMC? Well, she's fought Zombies you know, (28 Weeks), and if I were fighting Zombies I certainly like her by my side.

But is she, on a Six Nations weekend, enough I hear you cry? Well, I wouldn't be complaining but I can see that some of you might so here we really are going to kill two birds with the one stone. 

Now, we have some direct and meaningful advice for England delivered in a way that has resonance for all blokes of a certain age in Haslemere.............. pick the bloody ball up and run with it...

We may well have to return to debate this subject in greater detail in future Fridays.......