hols4heroes; Spring Cash Call


Some of you will be familiar with Holidays4heroes. Many of you have supported the quiet work done by our small unpaid team.  We send those wounded in action and their families for breaks to offer respite from rehabilitation. We also send the families of men killed in action to give the remaining parent and children time and space to help overcome their grief. Accommadation incidentally, is donated by kind friends.

Many veterans also benefit from the "Quick Reaction", welfare we engage in to provided a short term bridge until the larger agencies can get involved. These cases are many and varied. If you think some of these are too extreme to be real, believe me; they are real. Here are some examples of what's arrived through the door this week:

A family with an injured father, disabled child and mother in cancer recovery have been referred by a welfare officer. They need to travel in April to fit in with treatments etc.

A case from another charity, Forgotten Heroes; a chap who was a prisoner of war in Japan, clearly we won't be sending him to the Far East but he is looking for some down time after a series of quite harsh blows.

Finally one to make you cry. A man we helped in January when he was homeless, getting a property etc...... He had lost his mum, daughter, and wife all in a three week period, was then was made homeless, lost his job and broke his back and both legs.

He's just been given the fantastic news that he has mouth cancer and it's rapidly spreading to his neck and lymph things....... giving him not long as he hasn't the energy or will power to fight it.

He is a shell and broken....... help us help him out?

Those of you who are familiar to our merry band will know that we have no cash balance; it's money in / money out and no admin costs. Unfortunately, we're running on fumes and need some of the "money in," thing to clear the current batch of cases.

Any help, and I mean any....... is gratefully received.

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