The Secret of Good Weather Forecasting.... Timing!

People who really know about good comedy are our motely collection of weather forecasters. We're all aware that the reputation of the Met Office rightly took an indecent battering last year after their early call of a "barbecue summer," last year left us bemused and bewildered by the end of August.

This morning though, the Telegraph broght us the welcome and cheering news from an outfit called Positive Weather Solutions  that we're in for a blistering hot summer.  Founded in 2006, PWS are apparently, "already carving out a reputation for accurate forecasts based on weather patterns, long-term temperature cycles and a 30-year statistics database."

Bloody well done chaps.

Unfortunately, as luck.. or bad luck would have it, a volcano went "bang" in Iceland just after midnight.

As every middle aged man in Haslemere who can remember a sniff of his O level Geography will tell you; volcano = bad weather. That is, start thinking cooler temperatures and rain brought to us on the prevailing North Westerly winds. There are some more technical details involved here but they're mostly lost in the mists of time.  I always had the seat next to the radiator and window in Geography so missed some of the volcano detail thing.

Looks like Jonathan Powell, the firm’s senior forecaster, might have had the seat next to me and may also have missed some of the other bits of geography marked, "factors that influence the weather." He said in the article, “There will be stifling temperatures this summer, making it possibly the warmest UK summer on record began and placing it at least the top three warmest summers recorded."

As we know, timing is everything.