Wrong Way Constable!

On the very rare occasions that a local resident spots a police officer in my local area it's likely to be one standing resolutely behind a speed gun.

You would imagine, that plod would have the safety of pedestrians and maintenance of good road sense uppermost in his mind and would be aiming his little radar thing at vehicles coming into the 30 mph limit in the village. Acting as a deterrent, the physical presence might encourage drivers to decelerate and drive calmly through the leafy environs of Liphook.

But they don't do that.

The Hampshire Constabulary point their little radar things in the other direction, at vehicles leaving the village and who are preparing to accelerate into a higher speed limit and onto the dual carriageway A3.

No, it doesn't make any sense to me either but they're doing what they're told to do and of course, it raises more revenue from citizens who, for the most part, will just pay up. There are areas where they simply won't do this; mostly because the locals either wouldn't pay, they'd riot or both.

If the police ever ask themselves why there is a growing perception that they are dislocated from the communities who they are charged to serve, and who pay their bills, then they should look no further than the direction their speed guns point in Liphook.