The Hurt Locker (UK)


Well, here we are on Friday evening and we have another tense weekend ahead of us that will leave us emotionally ragged, torn and exhausted. No, it's not a Six Nations weekend...... it's Oscars Weekend. The 82nd Oscar Awards happen on Sunday evening. I know you all just can't wait.  

You'll know by now that it's mostly a two horse race for Best Film, Best Director and so on between, "The Hurt Locker"' and, "Avatar".  Both are great movies. For my own money, "The Hurt Locker"' has to be favourite.

What many of you film fans may not realise though, is that us plucky Brits have not only been leaders in bomb and IED disposal since their inception, but we were way in front of Hollywood in portraying the high tensile courage of the individuals who put their lives on the line every day to protect their fellow soldiers and innocent civilians. 

Watch with pride........