The Daily Telegraph today reports that, "Violent attacks are estimated to be 44 per cent higher than they were in 1998". There is no doubt that most citizens have never concurred with Government contentions that violence has been on the wane. A single outing into any of Britain's city centres on a weekend evening will confirm that. The only thing that has been on the wane is the visibility of policing as any police officer will privately admit.

"Mr Green, who was a member of a Home Office Crime Statistics Review Group, which in 2006 recommended improvements in the collection of the crime figures, added: "It is very revealing and fits intuitively with what many people feel and what many people have been saying, if anecdotal." You're dammed right Mr Green. Perhaps if any politicians who are in denial would like to step out of an evening they would agree with the rest of us.

Yet the Americans always have to go one step further than us, and as Global leaders in original thinking in street violence they yet again are showing the rest of the world the way forward. And this ones a beaut.

Step forward Toni Tramel, 31, who was arrested last Thursday for public intoxication in Owensboro, Kentucky. Whilst changing into the prison uniform she, "took off her bra, grabbed her breast and squirted breast milk, hitting me in the face and neck region," reported Officer Lula Brown. Undeterred, Tamel had another go at the unfortunate milk dodging officer but missed again. "Tramel is now being held in the Davies County lockup on $5000 bond."

As for Brown, a jail press release noted that the officer was successfully able to "clean the bio-hazard off her."