Labour; More Front than Brighton

This morning the ruling Labour Party launched their election manifesto. "A future fair for all". I won't make any comment about the cover except to ask why, after 13 years of New Labour are the green sunlight uplands still bloody miles away? The cover comes from old Conservative pre war posters anyway, according to Guido. (Hat Tip again to GOT for the poster above).
The launch took place in a new hospital that is the result of the "Public Private Initiative (PPI) Scheme". It would be refreshing if a political journalist would take the Prime Minister and / or the Chancellor to task on this. Who pays for the financing of ongoing PPI? The Government does by using tax payers money.
When that amount of money plus the payments for the civil service pension commitments are made then the numbers on the level of UK National debt to GDP leaps from 58% to 115%.
I think we can work out why the Goverment never draw attention to this; the puzzling thing is, why doesn't anyone else? 
They've got more front than Brighton to use the new hospital that is the result of PPI and yet ignore the costs of PPI. They are too scared to admit the dreadful state of the nations finances... a Government should not be scared of admitting the true state of the national economy.
Labour should come under unceasing and relentless pressure to be honest about everything that is "off balance sheet," with our national finances and commentators should develop a sense of urgency and start diligently probing and questioning on these matters.
How on earth are voters to make a considered choice when they only have selected facts fed to them by compliant media operators?