Party Leaders Outnumbered


Last night Mrs Flashbang went out with the rest of the coven and I settled down with my three offspring to watch the debate and a very tedious experience it was too. We didn't last long. Unfortunately, for the time we were watching the three teenagers put Cleggie way in front so I now live in a house with three lie down and cry liberals.

The reason that Cleggie is an acceptable face is because he comes across as "Tory Lite." As usual it's illusory however and barely any policies stand up to scrutiny, especially the nonsense the Liberals spout about the City. Their key asset Vince Cable is now completely discredited. In fact, all three of them were disgracefully light on detail about anything which is unnacceptable after four years of thinking about it. Talking back and forth about 5 or 6 billion pounds completely misses the target. Here's a newsflash boys, the deficit is £170 bn; best you join Planet Reality and start coming up with some realistic plans realy quickly before the rest of the world loses patience and the Dark Times come. They sounded as if they'd cobbled together a few ideas in the pub on the back of a fag packet 20 minutes before they arrived. As one of my crew asked, "How are we supposed to choose one when they won't tell us what they will do?" Exactly.

Impatient and irritated I switched over and watched a bloody funny family comedy called Outnumbered. Oddly, the wee girl had a policy that most viewers would vote for. In her view, all bad people should go to prison and live in holes in the ground with storm grates over them and be fed with soup. I'd vote for that; take a note party leaders.