The 2nd Leaders Debate

The media and political establishment are getting themselves in a right old tizz about the Leaders debates. The media mostly because they're in a feeding frenzy to turn back digital evolution and justify their existence and the political establishment because they're properly rattled by Cleggie's moment in the sunshine.

My own twopence worth is that voters want the two main parties to be properly rattled. If they continue to treat the electorate with contempt then they'll get what they deserve. Conservative voters want Cameron to stand up and be explicit about policies that matter to them and are fed up with flannel. I may be wrong but my sense is that Labour voters too want honesty. We all know bad things are coming down the line.

That doesn't mean they'll actually vote for that supercilious sod Clegg. The man hasn't done a days work in his life. A cursory look at his CV gives a profile of a typical political wannabe since school who is yet to get his hands dirty. He's been a lobbyist, a Eurocrat, an MEP and an MP. Sorry, forgot his two real jobs, journalist and ski instructor in Austria. Just about ticks all the boxes of the electorate's "Banish to hell and beyond list."

Here we go courtesy of the Scotsman,

• 1986 - 1989: MA in anthropology at Cambridge University.

• 1989 - 1990: Political philosophy at Minnesota University.

• 1991 - 1992: MA in European affairs at the College of Europe.

• 1992 - 1995: Worked as a journalist with Christopher Hitchens before becoming a consultant in London and then moving to Budapest to write about economic reform.

• 1995 - 1999: Employed by the European Commission managing aid projects in Asia as well as being a trade negotiator with China and Russia.

• 1999: Elected Member of the European Parliament for the East Midlands, later acting as the Liberal spokesman on trade and industry.

• 2005: Elected as MP for Sheffield Hallam, becoming Europe spokesman in Charles Kennedy's front bench team, and later the party's spokesman on home affairs.

• 2007: Elected leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Still, two weeks to go and I think you're about to witness the campaign sink to new lows in British general election campaigning. They're all about to flick the, "Go Dirty," switch so perhaps we'll get some proper entertainment from here on in.

Unfortunately, whoever the bright spark was that ensured the next leaders debate is on SKY has also managed to disenfranchise most of the population. An admirable 9.4m subscribers is great but hardly covers everyone who might want to watch. What are the rest supposed to do, go down to the pub dressed in their party colours and displace the football supporters?

Somehow, I think it's going to make the last debate all the more critical.

Pressure makes diamonds.

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