Woman (mad) Stands Against Sainsbury's

I was in that never ending source of entertainment the other day,Sainsbury's in Liphook.

I treat my foray's into supermarkets much as I would a covert patrol behind enemy lines; given the chance I'd rather not be there at all. I am though, a bit of a coward and one glowering glance from Mrs Flashbang is enough to send me scurrying off where I get to avoid ambushes in the car park from people carriers full of kids high on newly purchased e numbers driven by mad women late for the next kids party / tennis lesson / swimming club etc etc.

In fact, as we know, the whole place is full of mad women - inside and out. I came accross one on this last visit who has left me completely stumped.

I stood behind her in the queue and as her groceries came skating down from the bleepy thing at 30 mph, (you know, just fast enough for you not to be able to keep up with the packing), this women did a whole new take on packing convention. As each item shot towards her, she grabbed it; ripped open the packaging, put the outside packaging beside the till, with a loud "tut", and put the inside bag of contents into her shopping bag. So, for example, the Hearty Family Whole Grain Squirrel Breakfast Cereal, (this gave me a clue), was opened, the box went to the side and the cereal into her bag. By the end there was a significant amount of packaging lying around. She paid her bill and flounced out leaving the rest of us somewhat bemused and embarrassed.

This is the problem though. Whilst it was entertaining watching Mrs Want Not Waste Not go through her little supermarket packaging protest, and I'd like to make fun of her, I'm also all for the little guy standing up against the supermarkets. She definitely did that and she couldn't care less what anyone thought.

On balance, I think all just enjoy the entertainment and not try to take sides on this one.