Drag Race

Regular readers will be aware that we try to support holidays4heroes here; a small but very worthy outfit that sends those wounded in action for breaks from rehab, the families of those killed in action for breaks and importantly, provides quick reaction welfare help for current and ex servicemen until the major agencies can take over.

Holidays4heroes has recently acquired a Spanish registered left hand drive vehicle. The intention is to use this for servicemen and their families on holiday there. It has wheelchair access and will be left at the airport for new arrivals to take over.

There's just one drawback, (and no it's paid for). It's in Blackpool.

Two stalwart colleagues then have stepped forward when everyone else hid, and volunteered to drive it the 1,711 miles from Blackpool to Murcia. That will obviously involve some cost but our brave boys have come up with a bit of a scheme. They're going to do it in drag.

I've been promised updates and photographs along the way which I will of course be sharing. I expect hits to either plummet or soar - there is no in between here with two 15 stone ex squaddies dressed as Mae West doing their hardest not to get either arrested or molested.

If you would care to sacrifice your Friday night beer money, (or Vin Rouge money if you're in Haslemere), and chip in for some fuel please do so here, no amount is too small - buy a gallon and support our Party Princess's

Paypal: Info@holidays4heroes.org

or, email hofj@mentalcrumble.com for bank details

How could you possibly say no to this?