Liberal Jedi Mind Trick


One of the few uplifting moments of the whole election debacle was in it's aftermath when we enjoyed watching the tortured introspection of the kafkan, sandel wearing tofu munchers wondering how it all went wrong. It went wrong Cleggie boy, not because the electorate lost their bottle but because they eventually saw through your Alice in Wonderland manifesto. (Is it just me or is Cleggie beginning to adopt the mannerisms and voice characteristics of our future King, no not you Cleggie - sit down boy). Now, having given them a kick up the backside and put them in their rightful place as the third party, we now have this ridiculous comedy of us all being held to ransom by the Liberals whilst they hide like cowards behind the, "for the good of the country," cliche. Bollocks. If they cared about the country they would compromise instead of following self interest and get on with stabilising the nations bankrupt books.

Here's a newsflash for Cleggie and his dispirit band of cry babies; this country doesn't want the sort of electoral free for all that leads to the sort of coalition government that occasionally blows up in Europe. Insofar as I've noticed, my wife isn't called Bella, I don't eat pasta every night and I don't drive a Fiat whilst honking my horn and running over any innocent pedestrians. I'm English and the Tories have a majority of one hundred seats in England; we've made our mind up and if we were treated equally with Scotland and Wales the Liberals would be out on their arse. We don't need lecturing and the only reform we need is for equality.

If anyone can explain to me why a schoolkid from Surrey can't get into Edinburgh University but an Italian or Spaniard can then I'm all ears. It's a wonder people aren't out in the streets with their pitchforks as one particularly irritated friend has suggested.

In fact the Liberals have done a Jedi Mind Trick on the media who are trotting along lapping it up. As always, they are making a meal of events, especially the print media, before events to return to normal and they resume their inexorable decline in circulation. 

The optimal outcome for the nation is to restart the LibLab bus which will drive straight off the cliff within months, we'll have another election and the Tories will return for ten years. Unbelievably, the only person emerging from this nonsense with any credit is Brown, the British love a good loser although there are those who suggest he will only leave when sectioned under the Mental Health Act.