World Cup; We'll do it ourselves.....


I see that the head of the FA, Lord Triesman, has resigned because The Mail reported that he was secretly recorded a couple of years ago by a women called Melissa Jacobs questioning the integrity of the Spanish and Russians over dinner.

I'm no supporter of a very average Labour peer and couldn't care less about football but this is ridiculous.

There was a time, when an Englishman would be lauded for throwing brickbats at foreigners not slung out of his job. Whilst he is obviously a silly man who has been led a merry dance by this stumpy little bint and should know better, the reaction of the media is more outrageous.

If every man was recorded while trying to impress some girlie there would be no end to resignations and who in the flying fvck decided it was right, decent and in the public interest to reproduce such recordings? The Daily Mail? Heaven help us. They haven't moved on much from supporting Fascists in the 1930's then. Are they really trying to preach to us that the "good name," of Spain and Russia is more important than £2.5bn of income to the country. What a joke.

In their fight for survival, the print media will stop at nothing to gain a little spike in circulation. Expect more desperate and aggressive tactics as they slide into history.

Of course, quickly on the disaster scene to pour buckets of kerosene on the blaze is that contemptible piece of vermin, Max Clifford who can always be relied upon to make matters worse, that is, if he didn't create them in the first place. Good thing there are no secret recordings of his conversations over the years but then if there were, we'd never hear about them because Fleet Street is scared stiff of him. Pathetic.

I of course am not the chairman of the FA, nor am I under any restrictions about commenting on the business practices of the Spanish, South Americans or Russians. In fact, I would happily volunteer to sleep with any interested pretty 36 year old, (not the extra from Lord of the Rings that Triesman dredged up), in exchange for having a go at the Spanish were it not for the personal consequences of such actions, which are a little more serious than losing a job................. and a World Cup bid.

There is of course an easy way out of this. The Government should instruct MI6 to record conversations between fast foreign women and representatives from foreign football associations therby levelling the playing field. Thereafter, go to FIFA and say, "Look Sepp my dear fellow, give it to us or we'll pull the rug. No England = less revenue and by the way.... we'll mostly be having our own tournament from now on; Scotland are available as usual, we'll start with them. We managed perfectly well without you in the past and will do so in the future. Think about it Sepp, you have until eleven o'clock which is the traditional time for deadlines from us."