An Evening With Lucy At Ronnie's..

I'm going for a wander down memory lane tonight at Ronnie Scotts; haven't been there for 25 years. Last time I was there, I stumbled in with some friends after midnight following a workmanlike evening in the pub. We expected to listen to some jazz only to be met with a fog of blue smoke, through which we could barely see the stage, and an ensemble of 24 trumpets and other bits of Cuban brass blaring away over which we could hear nothing else. Why I expected to be entertained with some old time New Orleans trad jazz I don't know but it wasn't quite what I signed up for. Such is life. Still we punched the ticket printed, "Been to Ronnie Scott's," and haven't been back since.

Of passing interest is the chum who will be joining me tonight. He wasn't though, there on that night 25 years ago. He had a completely different experience at Ronnie Scott's. Newly "stepping out," with a girl he was keen to impress he booked dinner and tried to book a table at Ronnie Scott's for the apres' afterward. The chap he spoke to said, "Yes sir, we'll find room for you, don't sweat it." My friend, wanting everything to be perfect, asked for the man's name and wrote to him to confirm the arrangement. On the night, with hot bird in tow, he arrived at Ronnie Scott's with the evening going, so far, swimmingly well. He strode up, with all the assured confidence of a 25 year old on a date to impress,  to the large black doorman and said "Hi, my names ............; I've booked, I wrote to confirm." The doorman eyed his new customer and said, "Jim, over here mate; it's him. We've been looking forward to meeting you, you're the first person that's ever written to us, come on in. Have a great time." The hot bird, now his wife of 20 years, will be joining us and blow me, we'll be there to see another hot bird.

We're going to watch a fantastic girl and her band play; stand aside gentlemen for the Lucinda Belle Orchestra. Check her out, great voice, great sound and a record coming out soon that you must buy.............. after all, she's family.