"Spare a Shekel for a blind man," Life of Brian


I spoke with a friend the other day who suffers from severe PTSD and he told me a quiet story.

"I was in town yesterday and saw a Salvation Army guy collecting money on the street. Suddenly, I was back in the middle of Lockerbie and I could smell the AvGas all around me. I started shaking. The Sally Anne were great there; handing out sandwiches, tea, cigarettes and so on. I started talking to him, he was a Scotsman too and believe it or not, he was there at Lockerbie. It's an awfy small world............... I've had the flashbacks all night though and I'm still shaking.."

With holidays4heroes we've helped my chum out with a few small issues; mostly where he's been abandoned by the benefits system at the behest of petty bureaucrats and left with only a few pounds a week to live on. We also have eight families in Spain this week and another ten going out next week. All either with a Dad who has been wounded in action or sadly bereaved. We also have some single soldiers going who are also in recuperation from their wounds. We have some good stories to tell though and I'll have a full update next week.

In the meantime, the boys at Wellington College in the Field Gun teams will be running tomorrow in aid of our little charitable efforts.

If you were minded to throw a tenner our way you could do so here. The boys have so far raised £600, it would be nice if we could make it to a thousand - that should get 2 families or 4 single soldiers out for some respite from rehab. As you know, we have no admin costs and holiday properties are kindly donated.

Grateful thanks.