Holidays4heroes; Welsh 3000's

I know there are great demands placed on everyone and we all feel a bit of charity fatigue now and then. I've been hit three times myself this week, from one bloke who is walking from Brighton to Charterhouse with some mates dressed as the Village People, (which says more than I ever could about Charterhouse), to another nutter who is doing the Etape and then our very own loon who is off again and doing 14 peaks over 3000 ft in Wales this weekend.

Just to remind you, we’re not a big outfit by any stretch of the imagination and every penny in is spent almost immediately.

To give you an updated flavour of activities, which focus on getting the wounded and their families away for respite breaks from rehab, and quick reaction welfare, the last month has been extremely busy. 17 single men and married men with families away in the last two weeks alone.

Right now, we have 3 cases in need of some immediate funding / help.

These are examples of how we provide "Quick Reaction Welfare," until the bigger, (but slower), agencies can take over;

Scots Div lad, 33 yrs old, two children and wife, he is massively affected by PTSD and other injuries after duties of recent times. He desperately needs to be taken under the wing of Combat Stress for treatment, but this means being away from his family, (Mother is on sick leave from work because of a serious illness). The children have not been to school because they don’t have the money for school meals. We’ve stepped in and provided some Tesco vouchers, credit for the electricity, gas, petrol and got his car back on the road. He is a humble and decent man who deserves support.

They spent three days at home last week without gas or electricity because they had no money...... That changes now!

2. Widow and three children desperately need some down time after the inquest from the death of her husband affected her rather more than expected. Help us get her away on a much needed break.

3. Terminally ill ex soldier, struggling to get by and obviously wants to spend time with his family before the inevitable. We’ll help make the time remaining with his family as memorable and pleasant as possible, starting by getting them away on a holiday.

So, with your help, Le Torre will soon be full of broken, damaged or head f***ed squaddies, past and present. (Incidentally, yesterday a company donated 20 apartments for 10 weeks in 2011 which is a blinder for us.)

Your money is spent directly; we have no full time staff and no admin costs.