Boris and His Bloody Bikes

So, today Barking, Bonking Boris launches his Bikes for Hire scheme in London. It won't end well.

Cyclists are already a menace and law unto themselves in London and are more or less left to get on with whatever they like, wherever they like, completely unhindered by the constabulary. They don't follow any rules or known traffic conventions. They just career around the place as if they own it. I honestly believe they think themselves to be some sort of modern day righteous knights, upholding what is good and true on the roads, pavements and wherever else they choose to go, protected by some sort of Magic Boris Bubble. 

Anyone who doubts me should have a look at the junction on the northern end of Southwark Bridge on any morning at 7am. The scene is the closest thing to anarchy you are likely to witness with bikes hurtling across red lights and threading in between moving traffic and pedestrians with abandon. Little wonder some of them end up underneath said traffic.

Into the mix of HGV's, buses the length of football fields, lycra loony cyclists and dispatch riders we're now going to offer innocent visiting tourists the opportunity to experience Reality Death Race 2010. Cycling through a quiet Dutch or Mid Western town is no preparation for London traffic. It's utter madness but when I look at the author of this madcap scheme why should I be surprised?