I left my iphone at home today...... must be getting forgetful. Initially of course, one is beset with anxiety attacks and worries that the next important phone call won't get through, however unlikely that may be at 06:15 in the morning. Then, there are those self conscious, "wondering what to do," moments while standing in a queue, waiting for a train or having a cigarette, when normally one would earnestly be examining said handset for new emails, messages or alerts.  

The gleeful euphoria that follows though, in being set free like a digital castaway is worth the early panic attack. The wretched things have become security blankets for adults, electronically tethering us to some imagined safe place. No they don't, they're just a packaged collection of soldered diodes.

Enjoying my day as a superhighway pedestrian, I'm reminded that I've experienced this uplift before. That would be every time I've moved more than 50 yards outside a City and beyond O2's feeble signal. Go anywhere off the beaten track and you can forget using a mobile with O2. I'm one of the stupid people who believed them when they announced they'd be sharing Vodafones transmitters; they may well do but they don't bloody work. God forbid anyone would ever need to use a mobile with O2 in an emergency on the hills........... that's another contract I need to extract myself from.

In 1796 the Royal Navy could transmit a message from Portsmouth to the Admiralty in 7.5 minutes using semaphore towers. Clearly, O2 weren't involved.