William Hague, Surely Not?

William Hague has found a new and exciting way of getting some front page news time; if any of the allegations prove to be true though, then we'll quickly be deficient a Foreign Secretary. Whilst perhaps implausible, I suppose that given Westminster's dodgy track record probability doesn't favour a positive outcome, especially as Guido appears to be reporting developments with some conviction.  If true, this would be professional and social self immolation; the matrons of the Conservative Party in Yorkshire won't be taking kindly to this and fellow Yorkshireman Eric Pickles is probably going Super Nova. It's taking on the coalition with the Liberals with just a wee bit too much enthusiasm.

Frankly, I don't much mind or care. I've long since failed to be surprised by the activities and antics of these narcissic, ego centric people. Honour and dignity are words of a foreign language to them. For me, the question mark that hangs over Hague is one of judgement,

Did he really spend the night with his untrained advisor Chris Myers,

in preference to his wife Ffion?

It's a strange world, so it is.