Vince Cable; Business Terrorist

I see that senile, gibbering old socialist Vince Cable, who made his name by regurgitating whatever he last read in the Economist during the bank crisis, has been playing to the gallery again.

"“The Government's agenda is not one of laissez-faire. Markets are often irrational or rigged. So I am shining a harsh light into the murky world of corporate behaviour."

Don't bother presenting any facts to substantiate slandering an entire industry, especially when much of the City was for years very vocal in criticising the very banks that were rescued. That'll bring foreign investors flooding in then. Well done Vince boy......... you're doing a better job than Harold Wilson in driving our best away and keeping foreign investment out.

The basic problem that British citizens face is a growing environment of inflation in the things they need, ie food, energy, consumables and basic services, whilst they will increasingly struggle with deflation in the things they own such as houses, cars and collectables. All this against a backdrop of rising unemployment and falling real incomes means life is going to get very uncomfortable. Mr Cable's task is to address this by unleashing the latent energy and potential of our business sector by attacking bureaucracy, political intervention and reducing taxes to free up our business sector to create wealth. It's not to demonise and hunt down hundreds of thousands of productive people, simply to get the unwashed at his conference who cut their own hair and wear clothes made from rafia clapping.

The shadow banking system is quietly being deleveraged and that leverage is going straight onto the taxpayers balance sheet. The middle class will be eviscerated in paying for it. The poor will be poorer and will eventually take to the streets and those who can get out, will get out. There is still time to arrest the problem but the clock is ticking. Vince Cable is chasing made up monsters and yet again, we'll all suffer for it.

Cable is not a business secretary, he's a business terrorist. The sooner he's fired the better; muppet.