Sense of Urgency

Apparently our Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been in New York this week, speaking at the UN and promising hundreds of millions of pounds to continue to subsidise civil wars in Africa. I'm sure some of that money will trickle down to the needy but time and again it's proven that aid is not the answer to Africa's many problems........ free markets are.

Still, while he salves his fluffy conscience there are a few issue to deal with back home. This is no time for either Cleggie or the Prime Minister to be doing photo opportunities, going abroad, taking holidays and what the whole paternity leave thing is all about I just don't know. They should be working night and day.

Just to remind them, we have a crisis here and a sense of urgency is required........ right now. Ambling along is not good enough. The only man in the cabinet who is displaying grip is Eric Pickles; the rest spend their time being nice to one another whilst unleashing Vince Cable to placate the liberals by switching on his random word generator of a brain, thereby diverting any residual flak from journalists.

Public sector net borrowing overshot at £15.9bn last month which was the largest deficit since record began in 1993. For the moment, international lenders are giving the UK the benefit of the doubt but if there is any slippage on delivery of the cuts they will react ruthlessly. The result will be higher borrowing costs which will be unhelpful, to put it mildly.