The Dark One Returns?

I recently referred to William Hague's questionable judgement in a light hearted way in, "William Hague, Surely Not?" The point here, is that the general voting public do not particularly care about his orientation; they care if he hired a friend as a special advisor at public cost. Why does the Foreign Secretary need and require a so called special advisor, with no apparent qualifications or obvious qualities when he has the massed ranks of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to support him? Most people think the whole thing very odd and that Hague has been a bit of a tit.

Blaming rumours apparently promulgated on the internet is anyway, aiming at the wrong target. Most of these rumours originate from Westminster and I'm left asking myself, "Am I the only one who sees the manipulative hand of the Dark Lord behind all of this?"

Did the government really think that Labour would just sit back and let them have a free ride for five years, when they could redeploy a strategy of destabalisation which was so successful in the 1990's? Keep watching, I expect ministers will be picked off one by one.