The Kings Speech - Review


When I was growing up, the old and bold used to refer to the George V as the "Old King," and George VI as "The King, (saw us through the war son)." As I recall, Edward was rarely mentioned. 

There is no doubt that George VI is still held in high affection in the collective memory, unlike the actor Colin Firth who plays him in the newly released "The Kings Speech." I can't be the only man who has been driven straight to the pub whenever another costume drama appears on the box with, "Darcy; oh we must watch it," coming from the women of the household. Lets not forget that other Bridget Jones claptrap he's done either, I won't be caught out being dragged to the cinema to watch that nonsense again.

However, in The Kings Speech, he is simply immaculate, (HB-C is knock out stunning). Don't even think about not seeing it; it is simply the best movie since Avatar, and that was only good if you liked watching a sort of Stingray meets Tarzan thing through thick plastic goggles.

Book it now, you won't regret it.