Scotland in the Fast Lane to Darkness

"I am confident that by 2025 we will produce at least 100 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables alone, with the aim of increasing exports of clean, green energy to many times our domestic needs by the middle of the century" Alex Salmond

No it won't ya dunderheid. Confirmation comes to us courtesy of The Scotsman which suggests that Scottish wind farms are unable to cope with freezing conditions. Yes, they stop working just when power generation is needed most which meant that Scotland had to recently import power from French nuclear stations.

Apparently, plants like the 140 turbine Whitelee wind farm in Lanarkshire generate as little as 2.5% of capacity when it gets a wee bit hill billy and people put their kettles on.

So, not content with a technology which is inoperable in harsh winter it also doesn't work, as the Australians have discovered, in the high heat of summer when not only is there precious little wind but the turbines can't function in high temperatures either. Always at the forefront of blowing things up, the Germans too have discovered early on that the technology is not without it's flaws.

So Mr Salmond, if you believe in climate change claptrap good luck but it looks like you've picked a loser in wind and done so while ruining the natural beauty and calm of the Highlands. Time for another rebellion perhaps given the number of Highlanders you've alienated and we can see you off on a bonny boat, over the sea to Skye and then exile in France.

The Scottish National Party, Making Medieval Living a Reality.