Bye then Piers..

I see we've finally managed to rid ourselves of that odious, shameless parasite Piers Morgan who is off to the States to take over the Larry King Show on CNN. Well good luck America! His first show is tonight and I hope it's a galloping success because the last thing we want is him turning up back here; America, he's all yours, forever if you like.

For a country that supports it's military so visibly it's ironic that they've taken to a man who was fired as a national newspaper editor for running stories which fabricated evidence to wrongly allege brutality by soldiers of the Queens Lancashire Regiment in Iraq. The made up photographs were actually taken in the somewhat less exciting environs of north Lancashire. Unrepentant to the end, he had to be summarily fired and escorted from the building of the Mirror. For the average soldier, Morgan is probably the most reviled man in the country. As one soldier said on a vets site,

"I spent 30 hrs stood on a baseline in Basra cos of that twat, it was one of the hottest days that Iraq had ever seen, petrol bombs, rocks, paving slabs, rpg (i kid you not) grenades, small arms fire. We had guys getting injured left right and centre, quite a few with heat stroke."

Indeed, it's amusing to reflect that America normally hosts people who damage their military and act as recruiters for AQ not in a CNN studio but running around Guantanamo Bay with a free orange jump suit.

Still, they're welcome to him and we can only hope that his first interview with Oprah Winfrey goes a little better than did his last meeting with Jeremy Clarkson. In fact, when once asked what kind of car Morgan should be in, Clarkson replied, "a hearse." Oh and by the way, please send Hugh Lawrie back, we rather miss him.