Uncontrolled Orders

A soldier from 2 PARA was killed on operations in Helmund yesterday. His death, the 350th since operations began, has not attracted very much media attention given they would appear to be almost exclusively focused on some ex footballer / commentator who has been fired for being a stupid ex footballer / commentator.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary has announced that control orders, which place curfews, electronic tags and bans on where terror suspects can go, are being replaced with "targeted, temporary measures." These will apparently be replaced by an overnight residence requirement with limited access to mobile phones,computers and greater freedom to associate.

Well, that's good then; that should make Nick Clegg look good in front of all his tofu munching liberal friends.

So, on the one hand, we have a young Para killed in action whilst on operations to preserve our safety and the national good and on the other at home we have bloody politicians doing, not the right thing, but what for them is politically expedient. We, and especially the men of Task Force Helmund really do deserve better.

At what point do these muppets get the point that they are entrusted with the safety of the nation and there are some very bad people who not only want to hurt us but are unceasing in their attempts to do so. That anyone can be a suspect and chill out at home with mobiles and computers is completely and utter bonkers.

I have no confidence whatsoever in any of these idiots. Some of our citizens will inevitably die as a result of letting the sandal wearing Guardian readers feel warm and fluffy and then they'll be back on the box attempting to sound Churchillian with quotes like, "Terrorism must not be allowed to win." To my mind, a bus full of bodies missing limbs means they have won.