Why Fox Must Thin Out

 "It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions." - Daniel Defoe

Dr Liam Fox has been under attack from elements of the media and Westminster for many days. No doubt some political scores are being settled and some ambitious individuals are attempting to exploit the uncomfortable position in which he now finds himself. His supporters are highlighting his good work and justify recent reported incidents as poor judgement calls. Innuendo and suggestive rumour has become mainstream and all the more unedifying the more the pack leap onto that particular bandwagon.

It's not good enough though and Fox must pack up his kit and thin out. This is why...

It is hammered into young officers from the day they walk through the gates of Sandhurst, and subsequently their regiments, that their mantra must be "others before self." Integrity and moral courage are absolutes; not fuzzy aspirational buzz words. Servicemen of all ranks have, in the past, lost both their names and their careers for lapses which are insignificant when compared to the growing list of bollocks dropped by the Defence Secretary. 

He must leave because he has lost the moral authority to lead the men and women of the services who have a right to expect much, much better; as does the nation.