Wales v France



"They're so unsporting. They don't do things for the sake of doing them like the English. We play the game for the sake of the game. Other nations play the game for the sake of winning it."

Captain Paul Waggot, Whisky Galore


After last Sayurday's debacle, the two Crumble boys played rugby at school. One had an easy win, slicing through the oppo and had a "job jobbed," feeling at the end of it. The other boy's team was squarely beaten but he was upbeat given he had a good match, played in a new position and put some useful tackles in. The boy who lost had a better and more rewarding game. Call me old fashioned but having read the press this week most of the England team, management and the RFU still don't get it, (and this is the last I'll say about England). 

It wasn't leaving the tournament early that has made people up and down the country in the clubs and schools angry; it's the manner of the defeat. Play, play as hard as you can and if you're going down don't make it easy for them. On that basis, supporters from inumerable other countries enjoyed a more fulfilling tournament, Russia, Japan and Canada are just a few worth throwing out there.

Anyway, over to the Welsh. I'll be joined by a few friends to enjoy some sausages, (formerly known as the pigs Mac & Mabel), an ale and will do my best to be big hearted and support Wales. Not much of a choice emotionally is there, Wales or France but not for me the churlish attitude of the Andy Murrays of the world, (support anyone playing England), so for 80 mins I'll be a boyo. Good luck to them.

In the highly unlikely event that any passing Welshman doesn't know the rules then heres a refresher. Have a great weekend!