You Couldn't Make It Up..


Two Pigs died and met their maker this morning. I refer not to insolvent states in the Olive Oil zone, but to Mac & Mabel who were dispatched quietly by the mobile slaughter man, (his other job is as an undertaker and no, I’m not making it up), this morning and are, as I write, in the back of the car being driven to the butchers by Mrs Flashbang to be turned into cuts, sausages and bacon as part of her latest thrust toward total food security at Crumble Towers. As it happens, my soft and fluffy wife also dispatched three chickens this week because they weren’t laying in sufficient abundance to justify the odd bit of corn they eat, which seemed a bit brutal to me but that chaps, is what I live with.

It’s unfortunate that European leaders and bankers are not possessed of similar backbone. Perhaps I should send the wife to Brussels; that would show ‘em and be a welcome relief to the surviving domestic livestock.

Unfortunately, Europe continues to edge toward the danger zone and the horrible inevitability of financial meltdown at the sovereign, municipal and corporate level in Europe threatens to drag is all down. I'm not going to write about it at length here given I do enough of that in the day job but I would draw your attention to one dramatic step the Greeks are making to protect themselves from fallout.....


From the Hellenic Defence & Technology Magazine we learn that U.S. authorities have approved to grant 400 M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Greek Army, which will include options between simple refurbishment – worth tens of millions dollars for all the tanks- and upgrading to a higher level of operational capability, with a higher corresponding cost. That’ll go nicely then with the hundreds of Leopard tanks they already have of various vintages.

Shame they can’t afford to fuel the buggers, unless of course; they’re the new vehicle fleet for government ministers or to defend Athens when the Germans come asking for their money back. Then again, if they keep cutting Greek army pensions the barrels might be pointing more in than out…..

The truth of course, us that Greece is acting exactly the same way as a bloke from a Liverpool estate who’s maxed his credit cards out, has a bailiffs notice and has gone straight out and bought a new car.

You couldn’t make it up.